Pretty Fat Rebel of the Day: Rosie Mercado

Pretty Fat Rebel of the Day is Rosie Mercado (@MsRosieMercado). As a successful plus size model and mother of three, Rosie Mercado slays at the beautiful-at-every-size game. Whether she was at her highest weight of 410 pounds, or in her new slimmed down 200-pound physique, Rosie has continued to rock her curves showing the world that #plusisbeautiful.

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Naysayers might have you believe that her recent 200 pound weight loss directly conflicts with what it means to be body positive, but I say that she is the epitome body positivity and loving yourself enough to recognize when change is necessary. For Rosie, that meant confronting her unhealthy relationship with food, her ongoing struggles with the pain in her hips, and how her weight was affecting her relationship with her children. In my book, weight loss is simply a byproduct of adopting a healthier lifestyle, so big kudos to Rosie for taking back her life and staying true to herself, because in the end, THAT is what really matters.

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As we all know, haters gonna hate, but keep doing you, Rosie, and congrats on being the new face of Igigi!

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