Pretty Fat Travels: Marrakech, Morocco // Prelude

I traveled to Marrakech a few months back and am writing a full blog post on my experience traveling solo to the Red City. In the meantime, enjoy a brief snippet of my time in this magical city and stay tuned!

I arrived in Marrakech last Sunday and immediately fell in love with the ancient “Red City”. The airport in itself was a sight to see! I never imagined I’d love a place this much. Phone and wifi access was sporadic, which turned out to be a blessing and helped to serve as a means for me to stay completely present and imbibe the essence of Marrakech, a place that has further illuminated my belief that most people in the world are inherently good. There is nothing more humbling than entering into a country that is not your own and figuring out ways to relate and communicate with one another. As such, a friendly smile and a hello always goes a long way to dispel fears of the unknown. From secret gardens to lively markets to women-led spice, herb and oil co-ops to the Berber Villages in the Mountains Atlas, everything was a delicious feast for the senses.

My taxi driver said that the reason we travel is to help open up the spirit and to have a better vision of the world. Well, I will say that my spirit and my heart are completely full and I’ve never been more thankful for an experience and to have spent time and space with such beautiful people. Shukran, Marrakech!

Introducing: Pretty Fat Rebellion

Clean beauty, body positive, body body positivity, wellness, solo travel

I am excited to announce the official launch of Pretty Fat Rebellion (PFR), a passion project that has been silently brewing for the past two years!

Founded in 2015, Pretty Fat Rebellion began as a lifestyle blog dedicated to my health and wellness journey, and also served as a digital platform designed to promote body positivity and rebel against unrealistic body and beauty standards. Unfortunately, countless mental blocks, fears and personal setbacks prevented me from bringing my writing, vision and creations to a public space and PFR fell to the wayside.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to start over!

Today, Pretty Fat Rebellion is reemerging as a clean beauty and body positive lifestyle brand dedicated to empowerment and autonomy via clean beauty, body positivity, wellness, travel, natural living, and so much more.

Through the lens of a plus size, body positive woman of color, it is my hope that PFR will serve as a platform to empower folks to Be Happy Now in the skin they’re living in via stories, tips, resources, recipes, visuals and handcrafted plant-based products, among more.

While I don’t feel completely prepared, I’ve come to the conclusion that the idea of the “perfect moment” is a myth, and if I wait until I’m ready, I just might be waiting forever! Therefore, I made a decision  to say yes:

  • Yes to moving forward;
  • Yes to making mistakes;
  • Yes to learning as I go;
  • Yes to evolution; and
  • Yes to seeing my vision come to fruition.

I hope you’ll stick around and let Pretty Fat Rebellion be your go-to source for:

  • Organic, plant-based clean beauty and body care products + simple DIY recipes
  • Body positive and plus size representation, articles + inspiration
  • Wellness and self-care resources + tips
  • Local and global solo travel tips + stories
  • Natural living tips + resources + more!

I’m really looking forward to communing with you all and bringing my energy and creativity to a digital space.

P.S. Please join the rebellion and sign-up for email updates! The Pretty Fat Rebellion Shop will launch soon where I’ll be offering my organic plant-based handcrafted hair + body soufflés and other natural clean beauty and body care products. Subscribers will be the first to know about special offers and giveaways!