black plus size body positive millenial womanHey Pretty Fat Rebels! I’m Summer, founder of Pretty Fat Rebellion, a clean beauty and body positive lifestyle brand dedicated to empowerment and autonomy via wellness, body positivity, and local and global solo travel and exploration.

About Pretty Fat Rebellion

Pretty Fat Rebellion was originally created to chronicle my personal journey towards optimal health and wellness, but has evolved into so much more. While my goal for PFR is still to serve as a hub for body positivity and to rebel against those who’ve told women that they aren’t beautiful in the skin they were born in, I’m expanding the platform to also serve as a space for clean beauty, wellness, travel stories, healthy living, among more.

What will continue to stay the same is the PFR motto that encourages everyone to BE HAPPY NOW. Life’s too short to wait until everything is “perfect” to take meaningful action. Let’s watch happiness grow as we move towards our hopes, dreams and goals. If you’re ready to accept the challenge, then congrats, you are officially a Pretty Fat Rebel.

“Give the world the best of you, and the world will give it back ten-fold.” – Vila Laverne Melton (my grandma)