Pretty Fat Beauty: DIY Whipped Body Butter

Whipped Body Butter

I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of clean beauty. Over the years, as I’ve become more conscious of what I put on my body, I’ve learned a bit about what the mainstream media claims to be good for you, and what is actually good for you. This awakening has led to a bit of disenchantment with finding high-quality, environmentally safe personal care products. Even in the Whole Foods-era where there is an abundance of “natural” products, everything seems to be greenwashed and products that claim to be all-natural boast a long list of incomprehensible ingredients. Fed up with the options available, I set out on a journey to make my own beauty and personal care products at home (I know, scary, right?!). That is why I’m excited to share with you how to make your own multi-purpose whipped body butter!

Benefits of DIY Beauty Products

There are a multitude of benefits that come along with making your own products. For one, you save a ton of money while completely streamlining your beauty routine. And, when you make your own products, you aren’t beholden to the planned obsolescence of the beauty industry, who’s primary goal is to make you feel like you always need the next best thing!  As I’ve become more comfortable in the DIY landscape, I’ve experimented with making a wide-range of products, from facial astringents and deodorant to leave-in moisturizing hair sprays, and I’m currently working on a mouthwash.  Out of all my experiments, though, this whipped body butter has literally changed my life (I’m not being dramatic, I swear!).

Not only is it an amazing all-over skin moisturizer, including your face, but it also serves as an extremely effective hair butter for afro-textured hair like my own (my twist-outs have been incredible!). The days of buying name-brand body butter are long gone because this recipe is so easy to make, not to mention loads cheaper than the store-bought brands.

If you’re super low-maintenance like myself, making your own products may be the way to go. The added bonus is that you control the ingredients, which can be bought at your local natural foods store or online, resulting in an environmentally friendly, sustainable beauty product that you can be proud of.

With all that said, If you’re up for a fun experiment, check out the recipe below and let me know how it goes in the comments! Read More

Pretty Fat Rebel of the Day: Rosie Mercado

Pretty Fat Rebel of the Day is Rosie Mercado (@MsRosieMercado). As a successful plus size model and mother of three, Rosie Mercado slays at the beautiful-at-every-size game. Whether she was at her highest weight of 410 pounds, or in her new slimmed down 200-pound physique, Rosie has continued to rock her curves showing the world that #plusisbeautiful.

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Naysayers might have you believe that her recent 200 pound weight loss directly conflicts with what it means to be body positive, but I say that she is the epitome body positivity and loving yourself enough to recognize when change is necessary. For Rosie, that meant confronting her unhealthy relationship with food, her ongoing struggles with the pain in her hips, and how her weight was affecting her relationship with her children. In my book, weight loss is simply a byproduct of adopting a healthier lifestyle, so big kudos to Rosie for taking back her life and staying true to herself, because in the end, THAT is what really matters.

Rosie Mercado quote

As we all know, haters gonna hate, but keep doing you, Rosie, and congrats on being the new face of Igigi!

PFR Headlines: Weekly Body Positive News

plus size body positiveWelcome to my weekly compilation of body positive news aggregated to inspire, uplift and illuminate the amazing movement that is happening in regards to loving ourselves and being happy in the skin we’re’ in. To rebel against the status quo will never go out of style!

Newsflash: Plus size women enjoy sex too! Gabourey Sidibe’s prime-time sex scene helps launch #MyFatSexStory showing the world that pleasure knows no size.

@ReadtoStare’s Cupcake Dress that broke the internet and the de facto meaning behind the word “flattering”.Cupcake Dress

Plus size model @MsRosieMercado‘s 200 pound weight loss shakes up the body positivity internetsphere. Check out her transformation motivation and how she’s shutting down the haters.

Rosie Mercado

All the feels while reading about la Farfa, Japan’s first plus size magazine.

la Farfa

And shocker, It’s society, not our weight that’s making people unhappy.

Enjoy and see you next week rebels!

PFR Headlines: Body Positive News

plus size body positiveHey Pretty Fat Rebels! Welcome to my weekly compilation of body positive news aggregated to inspire, uplift and illuminate the amazing movement that is happening in regards to loving ourselves and being happy as we are! To rebel against the status quo will never go out of style!

From recovering anorexic to curvy body positive Instagram star, this woman celebrates what it truly means to learn to be happy in your own skin and own your curves.

New #MyBodyDoes campaign goes viral by championing that all bodies are good bodies.

Body positive blogger gets fed up with women’s magazines assault on self-esteem and creates a mock publication with inspiring headlines and epic truth telling with none other than herself as the cover star.

Rebel on ladies!

PFR of the Day: Olivia Campbell

Pretty Fat Rebel of the Day is Olivia Campbell (@curvycampbell). She oozes femininity, sex appeal and class.  A true representation of what it means to be a body positive plus size woman. She also just got signed to Bridge Models! Yay to plus size models making moves in the fashion industry. Representation is crucial and seeing a beautiful, curvy black woman slaying the modeling game is everything!

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